Sunday, April 25, 2010

Isitt's Kittens again

You seemed to enjoy the baby pictures so here are a few more from abouta week later.

We're thinking they'll be Bella, Job, and Arya (left to right). It's funny that those names all have resonance with my pop culture in take over the past few months but that's not the reason for the names (New Moon, Arrested Development, and Game of Thrones). The names just sort of happened. And they do tie together although it's not a clear tie like Berrie Bear's kittens who were all named "something" bear.

Of course The Boss can and probably will veto them but for now that's how I'm thinking of them.

The Boyfriend met them and worked hard not to show that he liked them. I think he is afraid we'll have three new cats for Linus to deal with if he's not careful. I'd be happy with just Arya.... no no no more kittens for us.


Pam said...

They are beautiful! Your you keeping or selling?

Allison said...

That little tortie wants to come home with me...I promise. Oooh...she's so cute! I could just see her walking into the house as my three shelter kitties descended on her. I'd be playing "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns 'n' Roses just to set the mood...ha! Something tells me that she can hold her own though...she's spunky, I'm sure of it.