Friday, April 9, 2010

FLS day 6

The February Lady Sweater continues to fly along. Yes I am addicted but I’ve been knitting the Sideways Lace at work during lunch so no worries that I might have forgotten it. I’m about 3” into the back panel. I'm making progress there as well.

But the real evidence of progress is the FLS.

Instead of Yarn Overs I did Knit F&B. I left the increases off the sleeves. The first round of Gull lace was atrocious. I had to rip it back twice because my ending stitch count was off. The third time I wised up and placed preemptive stitch markers. You heard me, PRE-Emptive Stitch Markers similar to a Preemptive strike. Yes it is somewhat like an attack when you've already ripped back 700 stitches and your fed up with mistakes that end up on the front panels. I used the locking kind so I could sneak them in between the stitches of the last row already knit and back on the needle. I made certain both front panels would be perfect. I discovered that 339 is not divisible by 7 (the stitch repeat). There were 3 extra sititches, no wonder this wasn’t working. It had nothing to do with the fact that it was 11pm and I was knitting the setup round for a lace sweater. I took care of the extra stitches at the back armhole (Knit a half a repeat so it's still balanced) and placed them where they would not be seen, almost in the armpit of the sweater. Good enough.

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