Saturday, April 10, 2010

FLS day 7

After a sip of coffee I began working on the February Lady Sweater again. I Split off the arms and worked two rows, there stable. I ran to the bathroom to try it on. Mac & Linus insisted that they must have treats first. I can see what is shaping up to be a great sweater. I’m so excited to try it when there is more lace and I can really see how it will look since the lace is ¾ of the sweater. Plus it'll be much less daunting to complete a 211st row vs a 339st row. Next the pattern says “Knit to 2” less than the desired length” But what IS 2" less than my desired length? As I said I'm sort on yarn so the question is; is it more important to have long enough sleeves or body? I'm think body since neither short sleeves nor 3/4 length sleeves jump out as something I 'have' to have. The Placed Aran Sweater was 16” from hem to armholes and I like the length of it. I guess I’m going knitting Gull Lace for 14”. That’ll make for great car knitting as VS and I go wedding shoe shopping! And then watching wedding themed movies while we address invitations and construct some ribbon flower decorations.

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