Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunny Sweater Sunday

Yesterday was a marvelous sunny day here. A typically summer day lodged in early spring and it goes from typical to remarkable. Put a pair of them together and it makes for a heavenly weekend in New England. I puttered around, gardening, reading, knitting, and cooking. I made spanakopita for the first time on Saturday. It was for a dinner party that night with The Boyfriend’s BU & BC counterparts. Here’s a hint, spanakopita sans onion and garlic is not to good. Also I wonder if it’s usually made with frozen rather than fresh spinach. Regardless, the combination of a sunny day and spanakopita made me anxious for the Greek festivals to start. Last year was the first year in decade that I miss the Greek Festival in my parent’s town. I just love the food and the music.

But Greek Festivals are not what I sat down to tell you about. Sunny Sunday, the second in a row. I spent the better part of 4 days this week working on the Sideways Lace Vest. I’ve finished a front panel, an armhole, and about an inch of the back panel. That’s about 30% of the garment in a week which means a lot of monogamous knitting. By Sunday I needed a break. I’m still feeling rebellious against socks. The color work was more of a commitment than I wanted to take out to the sunlit patio.

So I spent an hour searching and landed on using the Cascade 220 Superwash that I over-dyed last summer. I have 1,100 yards of it which means it needed to be a short sleeve sweater. By 2pm I was casting on a February Lady Sweater. I never thought I’d knit one of these since everyone else already did but it just looks too perfect for me. Button closure at the chest, large open lace work (makes the yardage go farther), a swing bottom, three-quarter length sleeves and a good chuck of garter stitch.

I stayed up entirely too late last night watching Arrested Development so I could knit just one more row on this. I found myself walking the corridors at work today dreaming of an evening with The Boyfriend and the needles flying on this sweater. I’m 6” along and can’t wait to get to the point where the armholes split off. I hope the lace is as much fun to knit as the first part. The teal color is a bit bright to wear as a garment but it’s a beautiful color. I’m thinking I’ll wear it a few times as is, and if I feel like it’s still too bright I’ll over-dye it again with navy. Now back to knitting!!!

Oh and AP you should check out the Persuasion link on the side. Jane Austin book podcast that’s very interesting. You might enjoy it.

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