Monday, December 1, 2008

Another year wiser?

Last night marked my 28th birthday. As you can see I’m another year older but just as silly as usual. The Boyfriend got me a zip and snap blanket. I feel like a penguin wearing it but man is it toasty.

Although I’m not a fan of birthday’s, at least not since I turned 25 and realized I’m not a kid. The Boyfriend was firm with me this year, “the day will come weather you want it to or not, so you might as well use the excuse to do something you want.”

It made sense so we did dinner with friends plus Mum. I had a very nice time.

Melody sent me a wonderful Birthday poem,
Happy Birthday to you.
You are a Michaud.
You make pretty knits.
And to boot they all fits!
Yesterday I finished felting the final project. Pencil grips for my aunt's students. 30 of them in a variety of colors and sizes. Which now leaves me with 10 hibernating projects. I know for the normal person that seems like a lot but for me, that’s amazing. Decagon Decision was a success!!

Onto the Seven Square Challenge. This will be a weekly challenge to complete seven sock blanket squares each week, one per day. I’ve already been working on the blanket for 17 days and currently have 15 squares. So I should have 21 squares by this Friday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment on my stitch marker. The Hello Kitty stitch marker started as a charm from Hallmark. I added the beads myself.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Your boyfriend is absolutely right.

Hope you had a great day!

WickedPyssa said...

28 and all grown up huh? Happy Birthday kiddo :)

kim said...

and many more!