Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blogging From Bed

Here I am on day four of a wonderful cold. Last week my friend who was moving away came to knitting with a bit of a cold and being as she’s the only sick person I’ve been in contact with, it’s clearly all her fault!

As soon as I realized I was getting sick I took Cold-EEze to try and head it off. It didn’t work since I’ve been out of commission for the past two days. The Boyfriend is a trooper, sleeping on the couch and making sure I have the right kind of tissues, drinks, and food. Now if only the TV people would cooperate and show Law N’ Order nonstop I’d be all set. It’s been ages since I last watched TV without the DVR and yesterday in my cold medicine stupor I repeatedly tried to fast forward through the commercials.

As if the Ice Storm and a Cold weren’t enough, we’ve now had about 8” of snow dumped on our heads. It’s been beautiful to watch coming down and hopefully no one will have to travel in it. I was actually laying here last night, watching the giant snow flakes, envisioning the lovely knitting photos I could take in the morning with snow covered trees in contrast to my brightly colored knit socks. I think I’m going through knitting withdrawal.

In the Seven Squares a Week Challenge, I should be at 35 squares as of yesterday. I currently have 41, so I’m well ahead of the challenge. I did do a large square this week which takes four times as long as a regular square.


Heather said...

*cough sneeze* Not my fault! ;)

Sorry you're sick. If I could take it back, you know I would!

Anonymous said...

We've all been through the "snots" too this week. I think we got it from the Starbucks barista that was hacking up a lung. :-(

Hope you are feeling better soon!