Saturday, December 13, 2008

What happens when you have four adults and a 2 year old trapped in a house all day?

Well first to get this scenario the power has to be out in the young couple’s condo. The young couple must spend 10 hours without heat or electricity at which point, the wife says, I can’t feel my fingers and the boys are cold. The young couple packs up themselves and their two cats and head over to their friend’s house where there is plenty of power but no internet. The friends have a very shy two year old daughter. The friends have already taken in another family with two small children that speak fluent Japanese. There are three children under five so the place is hopping until bedtime when the tears started falling. The young couple seek sanctuary in the basement with the cats.

The next morning the other guests leave but the young couple is still without power. So the four adults amuse themselves the best they can while the wait for the power to come back on. As the day wares on the little girl and the wife become “best friends”. They sing and play with flashlights. They watch Little House on the Prairie and play with yarn. They even eat ice cream together until at last it’s time for the little girl to brush her teeth and go to bed. Neither of which are things she’s interested in doing and instead she’s found an intense fascination with the Things Remembered Catalog.

Eventually the wife offers to brush her teeth with the little girl. Together they sit on the floor in the living room brushing and drooling as they “clean those dirty teeth”. It was an amusing sight for the other adults. I’m sure my dentist would be proud.

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