Thursday, December 11, 2008

I’m a schmuck!

I have a really good friend. She’s funny, and witty, and we have a great deal in common. She makes me smile, granted a lot of people make me smile but I enjoy her company.

A few months back her life was less than cheery. And being a schmuck I backed away because it wasn’t as much fun to spend time together. Now she’s re-organized her life and made the decision to move which lifted a great deal of stress and darkness from her life.

Tonight was the last time I’ll see my friend for a long time and it was just like the old times. We laughed and finished each others sentences. We shared inside jokes and knitting humor. The night flew by too fast. I even shoved her at one point and told her I was mad she’s leaving, because there was so much fun yet to be had. Tonight I had MY friend back. My friend who likes the same music, tv shows, movies, books, actors, and on and on until I begin to think we're two peas in a pod. I’m a schmuck for letting the hard work of friendship get between us.

While I wish her all the best and success in her future, I’m so sad to see my friend leave. I’ll have to settle on my Beelzebub and "No more rhymes now I mean it!" to make me smile and remind me of my friend.

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