Friday, December 12, 2008

Knitting by Candle Light

This morning I snapped awake at 6am even though it’s my day off. With nothing better to do, I jumped up and got ready for the day. I headed downstairs and saw a sheet of ice had covered the world as we slept.

As I walked toward the kitchen the power went out and it was black. In New England the lazy winter sun doesn’t grace our sky’s until well after 7 and with the cloud cover it might as well have been midnight not 6:30am. I lit the gas stove for tea and found some candles. With my yarn and needles in hand I pulled up a chair by the back door listening to the rain fall and knitting by candle light

In other news…I’m pleased to announce that I have 31 squares for the sock blanket. 7 more for this week should been 28 so I’m doing well. I have only knit four squares together out of fear of commitment. I don’t want to attach them all because I’m not the best at envisioning the end results. With my luck I’d end up with clumps of contrasting colors in an unattractive fashion.

Also have two finished wine cozies. I’m working out the design and will offer it free in the near future.

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