Sunday, December 21, 2008

Everything we need!

“Boyfriend we need 7 wine bottles and 7 zip lock baggies” I yelled down from the laundry room mid-win-cozy-felting.

The Boyfriend in his typical mode of transportation, that of a five year old in stockings, came running and slid across the floor, appearing in the laundry room door way to proclaim…

We have everything we need, except for…everything we need!”

After further discussion it was determined that we did in fact have everything we need he just needed to look a little harder.

Now its fudge making time which typically involves sampling and wrapping presents, so on a sugar high I felt the need to share with you all that…

“We have everything we need, except for…everything we need!”


Pam said...

The Boyfriend's quote has been stuck in my head all day! (including the hour I spent waiting to get out of the stupid mall parking lot.)

MarieAngel said...

ROFLMAO Your bf and my husband should meet! They sound like they came from the same DNA LOL

We have everything we need except for .... everything we need!

That is priceless!

Thanks for the laugh.


Loretta Muise Cameron said...

Now I have everything I need...enough yarn to make a pair for everyone I know. Seasons Greetings to Lisa's friend from her nittersister. Check out my new website and blog at
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