Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm being discriminated against!

I just had a sudden and strong feeling of discrimination. It’s not fair at all that the skinny, short, tiny footed knitters of the world are so small. They get to finish items much faster than us larger girls. I even have a big head! I can’t catch a break.
At least The Boyfriend has reasonable sized feet, 11s. I’m torn about knitting him a pair of socks. I’m sure he’ll take care of them but after listening to me grouse about how much work sock knitting is, he’ll probably cherish them too much to wear them. Also, knitting socks for other people means working with colors that don’t necessarily spark my interest. I can’t knit every one bright teal socks, as much as I’d like to. I’m leaning towards simple stripes. That’ll serve multiple purposes…it’ll keep my interest as I watch the colors change, and mislead the recipient into thinking stripes are difficult and it’s an amazing piece of knitting, even if I do something simple. I need to Jaywalkers…but oh!
I’ve been working two pairs of socks using Cat Borhdi’s Riverbed construction. I’m NEVER GOING BACK TO A SHORT ROW HEEL AGAIN!! Using Cat’s construction I can get a toe-up heel flap! What more is there in life?

Oh and for those who are interested…Callie is a Devon Rex 4 month old kitten.

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Rebecca Jo said...

Love me some stipped or patterened sock yarn... makes me work to keep getting to the next color!!!

Yeah - I hate people with small feet that can knock out two pairs to my one of size 9 feet! UGH!