Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You've Been Tagged

Amy over at What Did She Do Today tagged me. So you'll have to suffer through some strange and random factoids about me.

1. I watch at least 10 minutes of the cartoon Futurama every day. Usually it’s while I’m in bed doing Sudoku before I fall asleep. The Boyfriend started this tradition in college when Adult Swim was around. Now we have the box sets and recite most episodes. At first I blamed him for watching it so much, but now even if he’s not home, I still watch my Futurama.

2. Sometimes I drink directly out of the large juice or soda bottles in the fridge. Strange, this is a habit I picked up in college when I had to hand wash dishes. I no longer have to hand wash and I find the thought of other people doing this disgusting. Really I should stop.

3. I am empathic. I can usually pick up on the emotional vibes of other people, strangers even. This is both a blessing and a curse. Its wonderful when I’m with a group of happy people, it makes me light up and feel euphoric, but if I’m with someone who’s feeling down, it can pull me down with them.

4. Pizza is my favorite food. I don’t just like pizza, I could eat nothing but pizza for days and be content as long as it had different toppings. The Boyfriend is also a major pizza fan and once we considered holding a competition to see who could go longer eating only pizza. We could not agree on the rules, if it had to be just one brand of pizza, or one toping. To this day it is still debated who is the bigger pizza fan. On our honeymoon the cruise ship had 24 hour pizza…can you see our smiling faces?

5. In college I had a different roommate every semester for three semesters, then I had a single. My first roommate my freshman year was awesome but she ate my food and rather than telling her to stop I moved out. The second and third roommates were the ultra-nerdy kind and I didn’t have anything in common with them. The next year I informed The Boyfriend that he was the only roommate I could stand. We’ve lived together ever since (7½ years).

6. I despise talking on the phone. See strange fact number three. On the phone I can only rely on the vocal cues which isn’t something I do very well since I rely heavily on the emotional ones. I feel awkward and off balance and typically try to get off the phone as quickly as possible unless it’s my Mum. I know her so well I don’t need any cues.

7. When I was little, like 3, I was in a dance recital and my little pointed hat fell off. I blame this for my fear of public speaking.
(I don't have the photo of the stage preformance, but I do have this one of Mum and I from a year earlier).


Anonymous said...

Hi had 3 roommates in 3 semesters of college, too. All mine were from the UK and only here for a semester, but the 4th semester I also had a single instead.

SEAandME said...

Oh my God, Steph, I had no idea that Blogger doesn't email me when someone makes a comment on my blog... All this time and I never knew anyone commented! I'm so sorry! Thanks for the birthday wishes and I'm sorry I didn't do the Tagged thing.. Is there someway to make them email me when I get a comment???