Monday, September 29, 2008

An Interesting Guest

Today the boys had an interesting guest. I had no idea that Preying Mantis’ lived in New Hampshire. I had a heck of a time stopping them from swatting at it while I found out if they were poisonous. No I guess not, not deadly unless you’re a male Preying Mantis. Crisis resolved I went blissfully back to planning.

What’s this, what could she be planning? October Challenge, next knitting project, dinner, what could it be? Ah Ha! You will never guess it, so I will tell you. I’m going to do some painting. I spent an hour at Home Depot picking out contrasting and complementary colors. When we bought our house I fell in love with the terra-cotta entry, the slate blue living room, wine kitchen, light yellow and teal bedrooms. I have unsuccessfully tired to paint both bathrooms and instead of keeping with the color flow I’ve done a miserable job. There I said it, I own it. I am not the most adept at choosing colors. I’d be ok if it were just matching two colors but from where I’m sitting right now, I can see the Wine, Slate blue, Terra-cotta, and peach of the downstairs bathroom. The peach clearly doesn’t go. So I’ll consult The Boyfriend first thing tomorrow morning (he’s at class tonight) and then it’s back to Home Depot to buy the supplies. I know I can do this on my own, I’ve got the time so why not do something productive? Besides knit, I mean. I might even paint the molding white, but hold on I don’t want to get ahead of myself. And the toilets and vanities are almond colored so I’m thinking cream might be a better molding color. But do people do that? I always thought it was white or wood.

On the knitting front…I continue to be the most insane knitter you know. I’m now on a Cisco hat kick. This is my third on in just as many days. I’ve figured out that each color needs to look good next to every other color in the hat to ensure a pretty result. Hey that’s a lot like houses.

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Anonymous said...

Our baseboards and trim are painted the same color as the walls. That seems to be the way it is in contemporary style houses.

I've noticed that more traditional style houses often use white for trim and baseboards.

Good luck with the painting. I picked up supplies today to do some "repair" painting from when we had a leak. Ahhhh...a fun time will be had by all I'm sure.