Friday, September 5, 2008

Handful of Elephant

As you can see I have a handful of elephant. She has a little flower tattoo, and a cute little bow. And look at that dainty little tail. I shall call her Daisy. Although she is intended for another.

I knit her using 195 Lion brand Microspun but barely put a dent in the skein. I’ll definitely have to do some baby hats. While Daisy is adorable she was not so much fun to knit. Next time I’ll knit her flat rather than fighting to knit 30 stitches in the round. I used magic loop which may have added to my frustration.
The pattern is the Flower Power Elephant.

Right now Mac is pacing back and forth on the table between the keyboard and my face purring up a storm. It’s one of those rare moments when he actually likes me.

Get ready tonight, or tomorrow morning there will be some felting! Yes I have my pillowcases ready and I promise not to put items directly into the machine. But before that I'll be working on the Rose Ribbing while watching Mamma Mia!

...Here I go again, my my how can I resist you...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, how very precious!!
Now, if you can make a donkey, you'll have matching bookends because as we all know, its never politically correct unless every party has equal representation. Signed, who else but AP