Saturday, September 13, 2008

Falling Leaves

I spent Thursday reorganizing the stash. Took everything out and sorted it by content and weight. Repacked and unpacked some purchases so that it all fits in the bins again. Well it sort of fits in the bins again but at least the closet is nice and organized. I was surprised to see how much progress I’ve made with knitting the older yarns. Really I’d say I’m at about 40% of that stuff. Which is good considering two years ago it was 100%. Yeah, sure I’ve bought yarn since then but I’ve knit a lot of the older stuff as well.

Yesterday I knit hats for charity. AND I finished off the yellow microspun that’s been plaguing me for the past two weeks. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to finish off a yarn.
I used quite a bit of the 177 Shepherd Baby Wool, to make one of the hats (4 strands at once, that stuff really flies off the needles). Then I realized I would have just enough left to knit another pair of baby socks. I’ve had the pregnant cousin on my mind a lot this week. She must be getting close. Would orange socks be ok for a boy? Probably not, but I can always put them aside.
Last night we went to see the movie The Women. It was pretty good for a chick flick. I worked on the Rose Ribbing Sweater while I watched. This is in 243 is Berroco Nostalgia and I’m making good progress on that, now at the arm increases. I definitely won’t finish this by the end of the month but right now I’ve used 2.5 skeins and will be happy to get as much done as possible without pushing too hard.

So here is my progress report in terms of fall leaves…
Turned reds and golds and fallen from the tree…
216 is Cascade Lana Grande, in Purple
195 is Lion brand Microspun in Yellow
3 is a variegated acrylic yarn

Just starting to change colors, part of the leaves are orange
13 is Cascade Pastaza, in Navy.
177 is Shepherd Baby Wool, in an orange sherbet
243 is Berroco Nostalgia, in Magenta.

Clinging to their vivid green color, no signs of changing
312 is Plymouth Indicita Alpaca, in Black.
245 is Berroco Sowftwist in Aliziarin
9 is Berroco Zen, in a lime-green.

And mileage wise I’m at 1.34 miles so far (knitting at least 5 hours a day) with a total stash amount of 51.96 miles of yarn.

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