Friday, September 26, 2008

Trade/Sell Swap!

This months challenge has proven to be a fitting one. It’s not too difficult but it does force me to think outside the box and use these lonely single skeins to make projects I might otherwise not have made. The list of “all used up” yarns continues to grow as the miles stack up behind me. Alas I have continued to buy yarn this month and at an alarming pace. But you know, how can a girl say no to Fiber Company yarns at $6 a skein instead of the usual $15? I’m only human! And I refuse to feel guilty.

The Enforcer made an astute comment recently, she noted that I had been on my own purchasing synthetics and acrylics for far longer than she had. I had spent as much on novelty yarns as I do now on wools and alpacas, meaning that with a cheaper price tag I’d amassed a far greater amount of the novelty than anyone could ever need. At first I was indignant. While I do have an alarming large stash I’ve never been ashamed of the contents. Often thinking that the novelty was far outweighed by the luscious alpaca and sock yarns, how dare she imply that I had too much novelty yarn. But on second thought, I realized that she’s right. I have a great deal of yarn I do not plan to knit anytime soon. So Fun fur and acrylics to the “Trade/Sell” tab in Ravelry. If you’re a knitter who enjoys working with Bernat, Berroco, Lion Brand, Madil, Moda Dea, NoBo, Patons, Plymouth, Red Heart, and Reynolds yarns please check out my listings and feel free to make an offer.

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