Monday, September 1, 2008

Still Need Help

What’s on tap for September?

Maybe I should throw down the gauntlet and knit 2 Miles this month! Oh and make it be some of the old stuff? Alright pick a number between 1 and 319. This’ll be the 2 mile month of random yarn. Pist, I have a list of all of my different types and colors of yarn and there are 319 of them, but that’ll be between just you and me. Please Help me by throwing out some numbers and I'll knit with the corresponding yarns. That'll be my random 2 mile Challenge. I'm anxious to start so hit me with those numbers.
Thanks for your help!


mooncalf said...

ooh, let me see....


Good luck!

Linda said...

243 and 9

Liz said...


and then 32!

(this is an awesome idea, by the way!)