Wednesday, January 14, 2009

30 Rock?

Without cable, we’ve been watching a lot from the 30Rock box sets.
I think they replaced Alec Baldwin with a robot for season 2 of 30Rock. In the first season he was singing “simply the best”, dancing, and making “you’re mom jokes”. In season two he looks different and is very forced in his jokes.

I’m experimenting with using two different sized needles on the same socks. The pattern is a slipped stitch and I didn’t want it to be too tight, so I went up to a size 3 on the top of the foot and kept the size 2 for the sole of the foot. Any experience with this? I was thinking slipped stitches would be a good way to avoid pooling. And it's a simple pattern so I'm not doing extra work that wont show. I'm taking Julie's advice on knitting with Hand-dyed yarns...

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Emily said...

I tried watching 30 Rock on Netflix (it's available in streaming) and couldn't make it past episode 2. I guess Alec Baldwin's character struck me as that type of cliche I've grown to hate (that self-aggrandizing man in charge who has no clue--Oh yes, I've met him in real life, maybe it just hits too close to home!)

I, personally, hate slip stitching while knitting socks, and while I always reinforce the heels with slips, it makes me crazy. Good luck with the technique though, I'm interested to see how it turns it out!