Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Linus wanted to show his version of the Sock blanket…

And now mine…don’t worry I wont post about it all the time but I’m just so proud of the color theme.
I’m going to try and do sections of color to give the blanket some interest and shading.

The contest turnout has been amazing! Thanks for all of the participation. To answer a few of the questions…

Why do you keep your angora in the freezer?

I bought the yarn at a fair, not a fiber festival just a summer fair, and felt nervous that there might be little critters in the yarn. I feared introducing the new yarn to the old yarn and having a critter attack. (So I placed it in yarn quarantine, the freezer, hoping to kill anything. Until Julie pointed it out, I had not considered that the freezer is much colder than the temperatures that bunnies are typically exposed to and may have compromised the fiber by freezing it. I should knit with it soon and see how it is.

Do we get pictures too?

That would be a big undertaking. But it’s definitely a possibility. If I show you mine, will you show me yours?

How are our guesses going? Anyone close yet?

As of yet, no one has hit the mark. A couple people have come pretty close. I’ll give you another hint. The total ends with _ _ .1 miles.

I think you should all be brave and face your stashes. I’d love to hear how much you have, and it doesn’t hurt that much. If anything it makes you appreciate what you have. It motivates you to use the yarn that’s been hiding at the back of the closet. Or even, part with something you can’t imagine what you were thinking when you bought it.

And you know, it feels like shopping when you go into your Ravelry Stash and flip through page after page. And even better, if you find something you want, it’s there instantly! How awesome is that?


Turtle said...

i think i just need to have you come over and help me get this stash(and me) organized with pics on my rav...whatcha say, i can bribe with spa treatments, drinkies, hot tub', well? (smile)

Anonymous said...

I have no clue how much yarn I have in terms of miles. I know I have enough sock yarn to make 100 pairs. I have one tank top work of mercerized cotton, 4 skeins of Euro-flax (one hand-dyed) and 3 BIG baskets of cotton for dishcloths.

That has to be a few miles at least!