Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas left our house yesterday

The Boyfriend does all of the holiday decorating. Typically, it’s sometime when I’m out of the house so I can come home and find a Christmas Cheer everywhere. And then after New Years Eve we take down the decorations together. This year was a real eye opener. Once packed as tight as humanly possible, we had enough boxes of decorations, wrapping paper, fancy gift boxes, and Christmas cards to fill a 6 foot by 6 foot space, about 4 feet high. It is insane! And that’s after we threw a lot away.

But before we finished our de-decorating, we decided to rearrange the living room. I don’t know if you know this, but we have a couch and a love seat and a patio door at one end of the living room. I know you’re saying to yourself, come-on, get to the point. Well, sometimes when the mood strikes me I’ll turn the loveseat around so it’s facing the glass door and the sunshine with its back to the rest of the living room. Antisocial, you bettcha! But I’m happy sitting there listening to an audio book, knitting, and watching the birds or chipmunks or the snow fly.

Being a social person, The Boyfriend finds this setup frustrating and embarrassing since we have to do a quick switch around of the loveseat if company is coming over. Or worse than that, they could come over and see how antisocial I am, gasp!!! Often he’ll switch it around only to come home from work to find that I’ve become antisocial again. Turn the love seat, be social, turn it again, anti-social, turn it back, turn it again, social, anti-social, you get the idea.

So yesterday we worked to come to a compromise that will allow all of the sunshine in and be more inviting. We canceled the cable and decided to no longer center our living room around the TV. Next we setup the couches in a sitting room sort of layout across from each other. We are both very pleased with ourselves. It doesn’t look at all like our house and I can see out the door from any seat in the room. Happy!
Mac & Linus are still getting used to the new layout and reserve the right to dislike it. Afterall their food dishes were moved from one side of the door to the other! How dare those crazy humans!


Rebecca Jo said...

Canceled your cable? I freaked out a little at that comment... but good for you!

Turtle said...

lol at the dog dishes being moved! In some ways cancelling the cable would be nice, but i would miss my brainless background noise...and i love the travel and discovery channels! We got our xmas stuff in yesterday as the first new flakes started falling!

VS said...

WHHHAT? Guess we'll be seeing more of you for sporting events...and I really like the new layout!