Friday, January 2, 2009

Sneezing and Possessed

An hour ago I got up to get a soda. On my way I stopped in the bathroom and became possessed. That bathroom has never been so clean as it as this very moment. It’s so clean I would eat off the floor!

Up until the possession I’d spent the day grouchy and sullen from lack of sleep. A late dinner and family turmoil left me with indigestion all night long. This morning The Boyfriend headed off to work and I settled in for some knitting. What else does a Samurai do to entertain herself?

I started working on the Cashmere Cowl No.2. Mine is in J Knits Softee Alpaca in color NYC. It’s an intricate cowl and I was so focused on what I was doing (knitting and listening to The Wheel of Time), that when I looked up again it was 1:00 and I felt miserable, with sneezes and a headache from lack of coffee. I took some meds (including a coke) and set aside the Alpaca yarn thinking that might the cause of the soar throat and sneezing. You never know what will set me off, Lopi is the most common offender but perhaps this alpaca had it out for me today.

Next I was off to update the Curlfect website, I added several new photos of Sky and Joelee. She was such a ham during our Christmas celebration that I couldn’t resist sharing the photos. Usually she’s quiet and reserved, happy to let Nessa get all the attention. Sky is adorable of course. So much so that The Boyfriend was angling to take him home with us.

My Denna socks are moving along. I need to take more notes since I’ve added stitches to the leg portion. 66 sts on size 1 needles just looks stretched out over my ankles (size 11 feet) so I added 4 stitches to help make it look more relaxed.
I still do not have January Challenge. I'm feeling so inclinded to say, finish up the 3 pairs of socks on my needles. But that's not exciting...

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