Monday, January 19, 2009

Somethings finished

We have returned from 28 below zero conditions. You can see the edge of the railing in this picture. The snow was about hip level. It was 90 degrees warmer in the house than outside. CRAZY! The car ride north was uneventful. I did some knitting of course.

Actually I finished off the Susie's Reading Mitts…part of the gift challenge. I immediately cast on another pair, which I finished last night. They have mitten caps, or whatever you would call the piece that is left off the regular fingerless mitts. I used Misti Alpaca Hand Dyed Worsted for the second pair. Wonderfully soft but a lot dye transfer onto my fingers while I was working with it. I'm hoping that it'll stop after blocking so that the recipient doesn't have a problem with orange fingers.

Saturday my mother and aunt spent some time talking, minus the phone. I had to laugh since they usually talk on the phone and each play computer games at their own homes. So while we visited they did that without the phone.

Later LT and I did some cooking…ok we took up space in the kitchen while my aunt cooked, but you know, we had the best of intentions.

And The Boyfriend, you ask. Yes he survived, but just barely. As you can see, he spent some time being a trophy, a head on the wall if you will.

I also finished the HoneyCowl. I knit mine flat so it wouldn’t have to go over the head. I just need to find a massive pewter button to fasten it shut and it’s ready to go. Well after it finishes blocking, it’s ready to go.

And finally, the the Cashmere Cowl No. 2 - Lace Rib…yeah, that was just not my cup of tea, too much chart work and too intricate. So instead I frogged it and decided to make another pair of Susie’s Reading Mitts. Everyone may just get a pair of these for Christmas since they’re so fun to knit (similar to a pair of socks) and functional.

That leaves me with 2 more Completed Christmas gifts, for a total of 3 down.

Oh and in other news, the Regia Stretch yarn arrived while we were away. It was a nice surprise to come home and find yarn waiting for me after an extremely stressful ride home. The weather was atrocious and instead of 7 hours it took us 9 1/2. I was so glad my Dad was driving his big SUV with 4-wheel drive. Anyway, I can now finish my second sock. I was feeling a bit guilty have a single lonely sock lying about.

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AB said...

Greetings Honorable SAMurai, We write from the Great White North, a/k/a Madawaska, Maine! It was wonderful to see our family photos published online! Yes, your Mum and I love our computer games, but we love our visits, too. Today is another wind-blowing snow day. Our Sam is off to the pet beauty parlor and the gang will furniture browse. Enjoy the cat show. Love, AB