Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cat out!!

The next generation of cat show cats has begun. I went into the show hall warning Mum that Callie isn’t as good as our Nessa Rose and to be prepared to take second all day. Callie showed me and took first for the Devon Rexes and got a 9th and 10th best kitten (out of 50!) Ok, so not as good as Nessa but nothing to be ashamed of.
Callie really is a cool cat. She was happy to just lay around wrapped in a blanket. No desire to run. Well, not until she got wet, but that’s another story. Can you say "Cat out?!?!?!" Mum can!

Yes, the thumb is doing better and I was able to finish the Lulu socks that have been around since October. The pattern was fun at first but eventually the cabling on the left needle, not removing the stitches to a cable needle, became tedious and it made the stitches very tight and difficult to work with.

I also cast on the fifth 2009 Christmas gift. I’m still working on the fourth. As long as one of them is finished by next week we’ll be good.
I’ll give a peak at the fifth, it’s this pattern but in a different color. And no, I wont tell you who it’s for.


Regan said...

I love that cat! I think this is becoming my new favorite breed.

Rebecca Jo said...

What a beautiful cat!!!! Every animal definitely has their own personality!

And read about your thumb... glad you were able to keep knitting. The socks are great!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I am so very glad you did not explain the "Cat Out" comment here. I never would have forgiven you! If you HAVE to do a show an Tell at Starbucks I'll forgive you!
Callie's Mom