Monday, January 5, 2009

From 7 to 4

When thinking up this month’s challenge, I consulted The Boyfriend for possible ideas…his thoughtful suggestion; “Knit all the yarn!” This comes on the heels of the living room reorganization which revealed the two giant duffle bags I’d been hiding at the end of couch in a corner of the room. Oops I forgot about those, that’s felting yarn and it doesn’t count in my 5 bins. Why I don’t know, but it just doesn’t.
Knit all the Yarn would be impossible, unless I attempted to make a hideous scarf on giant needles, holding quadruple yarns… no that’s just ridiculous!

This January I’ll be attempting to Complete 4 Christmas Gifts. As a knitter I feel it’s my responsibility to knit gifts for those I love. This year I only gave two knitted gifts and I think some people (parents and husband) would’ve appreciated something. I’m starting now while the Christmas spirit is still in the air, since I’m not usually motivated to knit gifts until 25 days before Christmas which doesn’t leave enough time to do something for everyone.

And to wrap up last months challenge…I needed to successfully complete 47 blanket squares by December 31st to finish the Seven Square Challenge. ON the 31st I had 48 and currently I have 51 squares so that was a successful challenge. It almost should be a sub-challenge for each month since I really need to stay on top of my square knitting if I want this crazy blanket to be finished before next Christmas.


Daphne said...

ha-that's why I stash (almost) all my yarn at my studio!
thinking about Xmas '09....good idea to start before 12/1 I suppose

Turtle said...

i like the idea of setting your nit goals early. I think i started in october so was pretty ok but....ahead is better! lol, at your "uncontrollable" stash! maybe it's like rabbits ... multiplying when your not looking!

Jersey said...

Love the blanket start. How are our guesses going? Anyone close yet? I'm relieved that 123 was high but frankly all of the numbers seem bizarre to me. Of course I'm afraid to think of what mine is - I never thought of thinking of yardage in miles.