Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Wanna see something totally gross and disgusting?

Today I took a giant chunk out of my thumb. It bled for way too long and stopped me from doing all of my normal activities, knitting and typing.

We’re talking a massive hunk! ½” long by 1/4” wide at the widest point. Stop laughing! That’s gianormous! Espcially for a knitter. It’s right at the point where I pivot the right hand needle.

Why does this happen to me!!! Seriously, first it was the attack scissors on my index finger, and now this!!! Perhaps I’m a bit clumsy.

Oh and this is not a giant thumb gouge picture. Instead it’s a picture of me from another particularly clumsy period. When I was 9 and broke my arm riding my bike. We still went to Florida that year, cast and all. To this day my father laughs about my attempt to go swimming with a cast on (hahaha cast on!). Reflexes were stronger than will power at that age and within a few minutes I had a soaking wet cast as I had really tried to swim.


rita said...

I've done the gouge thing too many times. And I admire that you still went swimming with a broken arm! I say we should always enjoy Florida, no matter what.

Regan said...

Wow, that must have hurt! Sounds like something I would do! Must make knitting a bit painful. Hope it heals up quickly.

AB said...

Greetings Honorable SAMurai, I'm so glad they didn't have to amputate! Losing just a chunk is so much better. I have seen how you have adapted your knitting to allow for the injury. Keep up the great work! Signing off from the Great White North - AB