Saturday, August 30, 2008

Exhausting Exhilarating...Gauntlet? Help Me

What an exhausting and exhilarating day. The alarm went off bright and early and we rushed out the door to the show hall. Nessa’s eyes were not the greatest and were a bit challenging all day as they were running and needed to be wiped several times, which makes her scrunch up her eyes, which means you can’t get all the wetness, which means you have to keep wiping, it’s just a vicious circle which makes for a sullen Nessa Rose.
We did have some nice chats with people in the area who had previously purchased kittens from Mum as well as people who are interested in Devons. Usually I dislike this part of showing, I’m there to see the judges and earn points, not chit-chat, but today was nice and relaxed all morning. It’s funny to see how the different judges handle the cats.
Some are nonchalant and want to see the cats personalities while others manipulate the cat spending their time evaluating against the standards.
I guess they are all evaluating but I’d love to know what they’re thinking when they look at each cat, to just hear the inner dialog as they measure the shape of the head or the texture of a coat.

In the afternoon we were up in four rings and ended up getting called back for four finals. This is what we’re there for so it’s thrilling but can I tell you how loud it is in a show hall, with all the microphones and meowing? Maybe I’m more sensitive now because of the quiet lifestyle.

In the end Nessa took home Third Best Short Hair Champion for four of the six judges. It was a brilliant showing and we were all very proud. I say all because my Dad made a surprise appearance. Poor guy, Mum and I were both so happy to see him and tell him all about showing that I think he felt overwhelmed. Typically he sees us at the end of the day when we’ve run out of steam and are both just looking for food and a place to put up our feet. In the midst of showing we’re both pretty high strung.

I did manage to squeeze in a little work on my Space needle socks. Again, I can’t “be in opposition to” (dis-recommend isn’t a word) this yarn enough. Knit Picks Essential. I can’t even feel the 25% nylon, it’s like 100% wool. ITCHY!

I’m also realizing that it’s the end of the month. Woaw, where did that come from? I did accomplish the Complete the Ivy League Vest Challenge so if anyone’s keeping track that’s 7-1, it’s a winning record so I’m happy. But what’s on tap for next month?

The Boyfriend suggests I Knit for Obama. While I’d gladly wear a Knitters for Obama t-shirt, I don’t think I want to knit for the man. Although…?

EZ would have me knit tights for children and adults. Yah that’s not going to happen. Tights! Honestly who wears those? Can you tell it’s late and I’m a bit punchy? Maybe not the best time to make a decision.

I have been eager to tackle a pair of socks from New Pathways for Socks Knitters, but then again I’d knit that anyway and it’s not really so much of a challenge. I prefer the challenges that cause me to use up the stashed yarn, the really old stuff. Oh wait, isn’t it time to do a Mile in a Month?

I think it is, since I wanted to knit 4 miles spaced evenly throughout the year. But maybe I should throw down the gauntlet and say knit 2 Miles this month! Oh and make it be some of the old stuff? Alright pick a number between 1 and 319. This’ll be the 2 mile month of random yarn. Pist, I have a list of all of my different types and colors of yarn and there are 319 of them, but that’ll be between just you and me. Help me out and throw out some numbers and the corresponding yarns will be what I’m challenged to knit 2 miles with. Even you quiet people, who don’t like to comment, even you, throw out a number. It’ll make it more a challenge for me which inturn is more fun for you as you watch me knit circle around myself.


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