Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I live in a nice place

After all my adventures in Seattle, I realized that I too live in a nice place. If I’m able to sit in parks and knit there, I can certainly do it here. So I ventured downtown and knit by the river. Actually I worked on the steek reinforcements for the armholes of the vest. I moved onto to casting off the V-Neck stitches and then onto knitting the armhole ribbing on the left side. At about the time to cast off the armhole stitches my butt began to object to sitting on the hard bench. I’m definitely on track to finish the knitting of the vest by the end of the month. I have about 3 hours of ribbing work to go and then….dun…dun…dun!!!! It’ll be time to weave in those millions of ends.

If that isn’t done by the end of August that’s fine, if that’s done by January that’ll be great.

I just can’t imagine the situation in which I’ll be driven to sit and weave them in. Maybe I’ll try for ten a day so it’s manageable. At least I started weaving them in as I went from the armholes on up so it’s really only the bottom half of the garment.

In other news, the Space Needle socks are coming along nicely. I’m never going to use this yarn again…too itchy…harsh…lofty…perhaps a wash will help it but it’ll have to include some fabric softener. That’s what I get for ordering online and not touching the yarn first.

In contrast, the Bulldogust Socks seem to be stuck on pause. I have about two inches to go with the best sock yarn I’ve ever used. I think I’m subconsciously drawing out the knitting so I can use the yarn longer.

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