Friday, August 1, 2008


Are you wondering what’s on tap for August? It really is time to knit another mile, and I had thought a mile of sock yarn would be an excellent challenge, however there is a more pressing matter. The Ivy League Vest is in limbo, Purgatory if you will. Is the ILV destined to be a FO (finished object) or languish forever as a UFO (unfinished object)?

I had thought taking a class at the LYS with the express purpose of completing the vest would motivate me to finish it. In the four weeks of class I’ve knit about 5” on the vest. Only knitting during class time I'm not producing the stellar results I had hoped for and certainly not enough to finish the vest. I need even more motivation. So the August Challenge will be COMPLETE The ILV!

I’m 14” into the vest, having just begun the steeks for the V-neck. I’m about 5 rows from beginning the armhole steeks. Currently a round consists of 274 stitches on size 4 needles. It takes about 25 minutes per round and requires some amount of concentration to make sure that the pattern lines up with the row below especially at the side seam increases. I’m hoping that once the armhole steeks start and the V-shaping becomes more drastic the last 9” of the vest will wiz by. If I commit myself to knitting just this until it’s done I should wrap it up pretty quick. No socks, no preemie hats, no turtles, or rose ribbing, no nothing until this is done (except of course when the circumstances dictate I knit a sock, you know at dinner or knitting group or waiting in line at customs to pick up a cat flown in from Canada for example).

Are you also wondering where I am today? My Brother-in-law is getting married tonight. We are at a pricy hotel. This is view out of our window, and the room's as nice as any at the Samoset. I’m not complaining anymore.

Oh and the cat, her name is Piper and she is in fact our Nessa Rose's mother. She's joined Curlfect Devons and will be an excellent addition. She's like Hypno-Toad from Futurama, her eyes are so large and mesmerizing. This is a photo of Hypno-Toad not Piper, photos of her to follow shortly.

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