Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yarn Cakes

Can I muse for a moment on the fact that winding yarn cakes is a tedious and bothersome task? I spent 3 hours winding today. It was made even longer by the fact that some cakes were too tight, which could damage the yarn if it’s left that way. Several required rewinding a second time and one a third! So next time I have to wind, will you come over and do it for me? Is there anyone out there who enjoys this? Ok I’m done complaining. The fruit of my labor is very pretty.

Today’s Ivy League Vest Progress Report:
Now measuring 18.25”. I noticed that one side of the front took longer to complete than the other. A quick stitch count revealed that there were 36 on one side and 29 on the other, whoa! Since the stitches are so small that’s about an inch. I did some quick but subtle increases over the next 10 rows to get them in line. It appears that they have been ½” off from the beginning. I’m going to take some advice from Elizabeth Zimmerman, and let it go. No one but me could see the difference.

Last night we watched some of the British comedy show Coupling. Its so cute. Witty and edgy, like going to the bar with my own friends, well if we were to talk exclusively about relationships, as apposed to yarn. Any advice on other similar shows? We're also big Mitchell and Webb fans.

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Beverly said...

Nope. Can't say I would enjoy the making of the cakes. I do admire your dedication, though!