Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trains, Salem, Waving Lace

We road the train yesterday. It was my cousin’s first time and she was excited to check it out. There are only two stops between my house and my parents. As we pulled into the station at the second stop and looked at the people out the window.
I saw white hair, with a white mustache, and a green Timberland t-shirt. Three strikes, that’s my Dad!!! Then we saw her dad and our mothers. Confused, we jumped up thinking they’d come to pick us up a stop too soon. Then we saw them in line to board.

The mothers joined us on the train and road the five minutes to our destination. We giggled the whole time. It was a good surprise.

All day we giggled, which was a nice feeling compared to the sadness that permeated our day yesterday. We girls had been so excited to go to Salem Massachusetts and visit the witch museums and see the sites.

The first museum was fine. The cemetery was fine. In fact we enjoyed viewing 200+ year old grave stones and marveling at how similar it was to Disney but without the shiny plastic, this was an authentic haunted cemetery complete with giant old trees and falling stones. The architecture was beautiful and there was a red line to follow as we walked the streets in a picturesque New England town.

Did you know that Salem is actually Salem town, and it was Salem village where the witch hunt actually took place. Salem Village has since changed its name to Danvers. The second museum, was too realistic of a retelling for me. The sadness of a community turning on it self and murdering 19 of it’s own members was overwhelming. We all felt it and we all were ready to leave.

I took my “little cousin” to knitting group that night. She threw caution to the wind and trusted me enough to venture out for the evening with a group of strangers. The girls were very welcoming and she really enjoyed herself. Speaking of knitting, I’m at 21” on the Ivy League Vest. I need to hit 22 to start the back neck deceases and then…it’ll be time to cast off and cut the steeks…eeeeek!

I finished the Waving Lace Socks yesterday. I love the color, used Colinette Jitterbug on size 2s. Although for casting off I need 6s to keep it from being too tight aroudn the top of the ribbing. Next time I should use size 1s for this yarn and add more stitches if I use this pattern again. The waving is stretched more than I’d like. I have almost a whole skein leftover, and I wear size 11s so what’s up all the extra yarn? I’ll save it for the barn raising quilt someday.


Anonymous said...

You girls are soooo cute, No not the old girls but the younger cousins! Mamma Mia its a perfect picture pose!!!

Connie said...

your vest is absolutely stunning!

Heather said...

wait wait wait! you were 1 town from me on saturday and I did not know???
then again I was at painful wedding so I would not have come to play. I see a photo in front of maria's sweet something... so please tell me you wandered into my LYS to poke around as it is right across the st???