Sunday, August 3, 2008

Even A Samurai Gets Thirsty

The wedding went off without a hitch. I am so happy for my brother-in-law and his new wife. She and I are very different yet similar in many ways. They did things just the way they wanted them and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

I thought it was very romantic.

You may recall that last fall I wrote about an autumn wedding. The Boyfriend's “Identical cousin” and his wife are so much fun to be around.
At 8 months pregnant that girl danced circles around me! Definitely a great night, although I was left extremely parched.
Even more than 99.9%.

This resulted in an exhibition of my cat like reflexes as I slunk over to the beverage table, barefoot. Checking for on lookers and finding none, I requisitioned myself a pitcher of ice cold water! I then made a stealthy escape to elevator and up to the room. The Boyfriend followed with my shoes in tow. What can I say; even a Samurai gets thirsty sometimes.

No worries, I did not steal the pitcher. I would have if I could have thought of another occasion when I need that much water and refilling a normal drinking glass wouldn’t suffice. I drew a blank so the pitcher and I parted ways.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Knitting Samurai, You crack me up every single time I read your posts! Are you sure you were not a comedian in another lifetime? I was very impressed to read the lovely comments you made about your brother-in-law and new sister-in-law! Good for you!
Was also glad to read you did not steal the water pitcher - I am sure your parents raised you better than to steal!
Keep up the good Knitting work. I will look forward to reading more on the progress of the IVL.
Signed me
P.S. The one in the front of the photo is the best looking one of the three :-)