Friday, August 29, 2008

By far this is my greatest achievement

While I really wanted to win the Trifecta and get three five-mile days in a row, today just wasn’t meant to be. My feet were a bit too soar (and blistered) to attempt it. Instead I worked on designing something new, more on that at a future date.

I also packed and headed north for a Cat Show. Here’s hoping our Nessa Rose can strut her stuff tomorrow and win over some judges.

Before I left Mr. Chipmunks son came for a visit. Of course the peanuts were a too tempting to pass up on. I know it wasn’t Mr. Chipmunk since this one was very small with a relatively short tail. Oh and by the way a little something happened today, something of minimal
importance…I finished the IVY LEAGUE VEST!!!

As you can see I have many many ends to sew in. Logan (my parent's big guy) thought the ends smelt funny. The yarn definately has a smell to it, which I notice if I leave the vest in a bag. It's a nice fresh smell so it's fine with me. Logan wasn't so sure.
I’ll have to model it after blocking. Right now the armhole ribbing is curling up and needs some convincing to lay flat. I’m also not sure what to do with the steeks. Should I just ignore them or am I supposed to tack them down or cut them off? By far this is my greatest achievement.

1 comment:

Pam said...

The vest looks incredible!
it even looks cool from the wrong side, except for all those ends to deal with...