Monday, October 6, 2008

Couldn't resist!

Alright alright, I couldn’t resist. The Activist was right! I thought I’d be happy just gazing at the newly dyed yarn while I knit my current projects. That lasted through dinner, and then I was over come. I cast on for the Lace Cuff Anklets but toe up. Since it’s a straight stockinet foot I’m feeling guilty. I’ve added *S1, K1* rounds to the ball of the foot for some extra padding. I’m considering decreasing around the arch as well, but perhaps I’ll just continue on with this mindless knitting as I drool on my yarn. Even The Boyfriend likes it!
Also Go Socks!


annieB said...

OMG! it looks great. Mine is still sitting where I left it on Saturday.

Pam said...

Wow! They probably really will be done by tomorrow night. Are you knitting off the blank or did you wind them into separate balls?
The colors look beautiful!

Mychawd said...

I didn't dye any blanks, just hanks. Yes I did wind them into seperate balls.