Saturday, October 4, 2008


So here I was all ready to paint. Supplies and primer purchased. Three quarts of the three most likely options to splash on the walls and see what hits us. Painting clothes on. Drop cloth and music ready. And then I climb the new ladder to begin scraping and priming the area around the bathroom skylight only to find I’m about 4 feet too short! 4 FEET! Ahhh. So frustrating. So I arranged to borrow a much larger ladder and proceeded to test the colors of paint which led to a whole other issue.

The Boyfriend and I do not agree on how to choose color. For him, a bathroom should be bright and cheery to wake you up in the morning (which is why we currently have an extremely bright periwinkle color). For me, a bathroom color should match and blend with the color palette of the rooms around it, but also be a light color so that the space doesn’t look small (which is why we currently have a light peach bathroom off of the terra cotta entryway).

Presently we’re thinking the middle green for the downstairs and the mauve color for the upstairs. But that’ll have to wait until Monday. Today I’m heading off to Bat Girl’s house for a dyeing party. I’ve got a giant pot, 6 gallons of vinegar and 10 pounds of yarn. Granted, that’s not all for me but it should be a great time. Tomorrow is the annual apple picking expedition with K&K. The weekend before we got married, we went apple picking with them and it’s been a tradition ever since.

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