Monday, October 20, 2008

Rhineback and The Wall of Death

The festival was wonderful. Better than my wildest dreams. But most importantly I am blessed to have such great friends. What would I do without you? I’d be lonely, and The Boyfriend would do a lot more mindless nodding along as I babbled to him about yarn.
Friday afternoon I picked up Meow Meow Head and Bat Girl and we flew down to The Communicator’s work. From there it was another 4 hours to Rhinebeck.

I was a little sketched out by the house we rented. In the house's defense, it was a clean, spacious, quaint, older home. We were surprised to find a delicious restaurant down the street even if it was a bit pretentious, we spent much of the meal giggling.

The next two days were spent drooling on yarn, eating fried artichokes, knitting, and laughing. Who could ask for more?

I got so much yummy yarn and a fun painting. No not the Wall of Death, I got the Cartoony Fiber Animals, except mine is 8x10, not quite this big. The Wall of Death was at the house, and it quickly became the theme song for the weekend. At least the theme song in my head.

I know, you want the yarn run down of what came home with me...Socks That Rock, Oak Grove, Steam Vally Fiber, Aussi Sock, Silver Moon Farm, Noro, and more Socks That Rock. It was exciting to find so many new yarns and indie dyers. I would've loved some Creatively Dyed or Tsarina Tsocks but a girl has to draw the line somewhere. I'm already half way through a pair of RPMs using the STR. It's amazing!
Leaves were in the air, hats were on heads, and smiles were on faces: Rhinebeck 2008.
I'm ready for 2009 tomorrow. I’ll leave you with this digital impressionistic image, I call it
“Fall Knitters in Paradise”.

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