Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Second Socktoebar socks done

The crazy bright Rocket Socket RPMs are done!! So happy, and they actually look great slouchy at the end of the day. Spirals around the foot does make them a bit tight in the shoes. Mac was intrigued by the heels and exactly how such a pretty skein made rainbow puke colored socks.

In other knitting news I’m designing a headband for this amazing wool silk blend. It’s for work, and feels a bit like homework knitting it in the evenings but I’m so excited about the yarn that I don’t mind and the socks can fall to the back burner for a bit.

What’s this I heard about snow? In New Hampshire, already? Not possible!! Although it is bitter cold out tonight. Now it's time to watch OB's presentation.


Kara said...

love them and I'm jealous. I want a new pair of socks right NOW.

MarieAngel said...

Cool looking heels on those socks ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing your hairband since I'm always on the hunt for something cool to keep my hair out of my face.