Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Friends

I wish I had written this. My mother actually sent this to me the morning after the debate... I did add my own little something to it, though.

"My Friends",
Let me tell you how I am going to save money in my household budget. First, "My Friends" I am going to begin by cutting My Husband's (my dad's) spending. If that is not enough "My Friends" I am going to decrease Simon's (the dog's) food allowance since he is overweight anyway. Next "My Friends" Simon's dental health care plan will have to stop since the costs are just too great. Then "My Friends" we as a family need to stop paying taxes. I believe, "My Friends" that taxes are too high so "My Friends" I will not pay anymore. Let me tell you "My Friends" what I am going to do about housing. I am going to get a new mortgage "My Friends". Yes, I am going to talk to Fannie and Freddie, or is it Eddie, one of them, "My Friends" and I am going to stay in my home. Also, I want to add "My Friends" no matter how bad the economy is my patriotism assures me it will get better.

My Husband's going to get some on the job training "My Friends" that will create a surge in our economy. So "My Friends" if you think I am laughing at "that guy" - NOT - then you are right "My Friends" because the truth is "that guy" is way ahead. Therefore in closing "My Friends" I need to close quickly and leave this email quickly even if "My Friends" are all shaking hands with "that guy". OK, "My Friends" that is all I have to say.
Good Night "My Friends",

The Samurai's Mom (Bet you are surprised it's me - I bet you all thought it was John McCain writing to you)!
p.s. if you do not "get" this email then you "My Friends" need to go and watch the debate again!

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Anonymous said...

Is it THE real john mccain or is it your mother?

She is much prettier and her soft cheecks do bring out the color in ole John 'My Friend' mccain.

Sunglasses and lipstick are a nice touch for him!