Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today was a good day. Learned about yarn and spent so much time with colors and textures that I normally would not have chosen. It was mind opening. I enjoyed my company and even saw some Dr. Phil. Not really my thing but the novelty of it was interesting. Now I’m itching to catch back up with my Emond’s Fielders (Wheel of Time characters).

My Socket Rocket RPMs were the first thing to be cast on Saturday night after the festival. We were all so anxious to get something on the needles. Even though I already have 3 pairs going I couldn’t stand it. So I hand wound two balls and was off. As I worked these I was forced to use the largest 2s possible, 3.0mm. The medium weight is very thick and I’m glad I got two lightweights in addition to this and one other medium weight. Really they should be called rainbow socks. They are the most colorful socks I’ve ever seen. Probably the most colorful thing I’ve ever knit. I’m really really super enjoying the RPM pattern. It’s so simple and yet gives something of interest to the pattern.

The Obama bag is going much slower than I’d like. Turns out than 70sts of stockinet for 18” isn’t the most interesting thing to knit. Imagine!! I added the wavy circle thing for interest but now that’s done and I need another 12” before I can felt it. I could fly though it if I watch a good movie and let my fingers do the work without my brain.

And because I haven’t said enough about Rhinebeck, here is one of my favorite yarns…Steam Valley Fiber, I’m calling Tuesday: Teal-Navy-Fascia-Silver-Lavender. It’s a piece of art. What’s the right kind of pattern for this type of yarn? What can I do that will keep my interest but won’t get lost in the amazing variety of colors?

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Qutecowgirl said...

Nice haul.

I am loving the Obama bag. It is going to look amazing!