Thursday, October 9, 2008

"I'm a Rock Star"

P!nk has a new song, well at least it’s new to me. “So What” It’s been out since August and I just heard it the other day on my way to knitting class. It was actually played on two stations during my 10 minute drive. I remember when I worked at the University gym, I knew every pop song and quickly tired of all of them. I’ve always loved music and received an excellent “musical education” from my father. Combined with a musical memory like a photographic memory, there isn’t much on the radio from the past that I can’t recognize in 10 seconds or know the words to. Note to reader: don’t play musical identification games with me, you will lose.

In high school Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and The Grateful Dead that got me through what would’ve been dark times. In College, surprisingly the depressing Pink Floyd and slightly brighter Dave Matthews Band made me sway to the music. And of course we can not forget the bubble pop blasting at me 20 hours a week at the gym. O-Town anyone?

Now it’s Audio books, podcasts, and only my absolutely favorite songs loaded on the I-pod. Unless I forget it, there is no outside influence on my musical choices any longer. So there I am driving down Main street and within 5 seconds of hearing “So What” for the first time, I’m drumming along on the wheel swaying to the beat. Not just a finger tap, really banging out the beat. I don’t know why I’m surprised but I hadn’t expected the pop-virus to bite me or take hold so quickly anymore. I’m not as immune as I thought. SO yeah, “So What” is a great song. It’s about splitting with her husband, going out, and feeling like a rock star. Typical rebellious P!nk but you know I love it! Because I am a Rock Star…always have been. (smiling and swaying to the beat) Hold on, musical break, I have to go listen to it. Well yeah, it’s on my I-pod now…

Linus is imitating a dragon, his ears are out flat and back, Mac has gone to the kitchen away from the speakers. I don’t think they like the song as much as I do. At least not as loud.

But really you didn’t come here to hear about my musical tastes, lets talk about painting. Yes, the bathroom is done!!! The Boyfriend gives it two big thumbs up. I really like it and am shocked that I lived with that hideous blue for so long. I didn’t realize just how loud it was. Now this mellow mauve color really blends and looks great. I know it's cheesy to take a picture of the toilet paper but I wanted to give you a sense of color since I'm sure you know what color tp is. I need to reassemble the bathroom elements but the walls are done and look great. No major catastrophes.

Although... I had to laugh,
while I’m standing on the step stool in the shower painting about the shower head with the roller, I smeared a 3” strip across my freshly painted ceiling, %&$#!!!!! So I turn to get down and get a drip towel to wipe the ceiling only as I’m getting off the stool I put my hand against the wall to steady myself on the wet paint, $%#&!!! Again!

Painting really cuts into knitting. But I did slip stitch heels for both of the Perrin socks. I’m considering forgoing sleep in favor of knitting the exciting Lace part of these socks. We shall see.
Hope you’re enjoying your thirsty Thursday night.

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WickedPyssa said...

Well Im a 9 with the 1930's housewife "test". I'm so proud I'll add it to my ravelry page for a while LOL