Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

The Boyfriend loves Halloween. I think it’s his favorite holiday. I'm indifferent, except that it can interrupt the knitting and that's a bit irritating. Last night he insisted on carving pumpkins which I thought was a bit odd since they’d really only get put out for one night but it made him happy to carve. So he did and I was impressed. I love the wolf one.

Then tonight, he had to work late. I’m not a fan of answering the phone or the door but I made the sacrifice for him. It was ok since I only had one trick-or-treater…my little sister, from Big Brothers Big Sisters. I was her Big Sister for three years. During that time we laughed and played and I loved her to pieces. She is/was a sweet girl but as she grew our interests drifted apart…computer games and movies instead of board games and crafts. I thought she’d be better off with a big sister for the 12 year old age range. So there she was at my door tonight, a year after I made the painful break. Taller and chubby-er but as smiley as ever. It was so nice to see her I almost forgot to ask her who she was, Sally from Nightmare before Christmas. She was there with a young woman who was not a relative, I’d met them all before including aunts and cousins. It’s good to see she has a new positive role model in her life.

Happy Halloween!

Oh and the Obama Bag is done except the strap.

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