Wednesday, July 16, 2008

6 Questions

As of Tuesday night, the Emergency blanket is half finished. Thank you to those who asked, the finger is useable. I had hoped to knit a strip each day for five days and then have the 6th day for the hat, booties, sewing, and blocking. So really I should have 3 finished strips not 2 ½ but I can’t complain too much.

I’m dreaming up what the matching hat should look like. I thought I’d take a shot at drawing on the computer. The crazy things I can do now! so exciting!
Here is a first rendering. I tried to get some knit texture in there.
My only concern is that worsted weight yarn might not allow for as many XOXOs as I’d like.

I take lots of notes, and record my thoughts on patterns and projects here and on Ravelry but I don’t do it consistently. For example the Fake Isle hat, when knit the first time killed my right hand as I was double stranding the black yarn. I loved the color variation of the Noro yarn but didn’t find the end product particularly smooshy as a good hat should be. And the end result was a ½ an inch to an inch too short so that throughout an evening it sneaks up over my ears. These are all good notes but will the help me in the future when I knit the pattern again? Will they help me if I work with the yarn again? Perhaps if I can sift through my other thoughts on the subject and find them. I want to attempt to be more organized and a bit more thoughtful about each project I complete. To that end, I’m going to answer 6 questions about each and hopefully that will help me recall what I liked, disliked, learned, felt, etc.
Yarn Questions:
  1. How did the yarn feel in my hands?
  2. What do I think of the drape or texture of the knitted fabric?
  3. Do I want to use this yarn again?

Pattern Questions:

  1. What would I do differently next time?
  2. Are there any problems in the pattern?
  3. What did I learn from this project?

I believe that my motivation to knit is directly proportional to the amount I’m learning. That’s the main reason why I cast on a new project with anticipation instead of knitting the same socks, bag and hats over and over. I have always hungered for knowledge. I listen to podcasts to learn new tricks and techniques. I read Elizabeth Zimmerman to capture her experience. I constantly talk to my knit sibs about their projects and want to know all the details and their thoughts on them. Something inside drives me to gain as much knowledge as possible (don’t worry, I do want to know about things besides knitting). Of my six questions, I think the last one is the most important and informs my happiness with a project more than all the others. Now enough knitting philosophy, I’ve got an Emergency Blanket to knit!

Also, I'm still waiting on my French Yarn. Stage 2 might be an uphill sprint if it doesn't arrive soon.

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