Monday, July 7, 2008

In Love with My Knitting

As you can see MacOban is recovering from his Brain Slug encounter. He was sunbathing on this 85+ degree day when I brought over my Lutea-Lace Tank Top. Clearly he wanted one of his own. Or perhaps he felt a kinship with this similarly colored garment. Either way, Stage 1 of the Tour De France is going well. Yesterday it seemed like I wasn’t going anywhere but today I seem to have turned a corner. I finished the right back shoulder after work today. I’m pleased with it and anxious to do the other sides. I really enjoyed working the short rows at the chest. It’s a great way to raise the V-Neck above the armholes so it isn’t too plunging. It seems like the majority of my work tops are raveling to varying degrees. So this more modest tank will be a nice switch. I’m trying to be patient, but it’s so hard. I don’t like ordering yarn online anymore. Delayed gratification is so un-satisfying. My French yarn hasn’t arrived yet, and I’m itching to cast on the Springtime in Paris socks. They are delightful with their mini Eiffel Towers running down the sock. Nothing has happened with Stage three, Jacquard, although it is his birthday today so I say a Happy Birthday to Mr. Jacquard!

This morning I started a class at the LYS to help push me to finish the Ivy League Vest. I know that’s not a name you’ve heard recently. In fact 10” of vest has been folded up in the corner for the past 3 months, sufficient time for me to completely forget everything about it except the fact that I don’t know where to start the V-Neck since I’ve lengthened the body. With a little detective work and some guidance it took about 30 minutes for me to be on my way again. I’m surprised that I still like the vest. Seems like I should’ve gotten sick of it by now. Photos to come later when I have more progress to show. You know it takes a long time knitting Fair Isle on size 4 needles for anything tangible to show.

Now off to watch the new Futurama movie…review to follow.

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