Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's Done!!!

I just finished sewing up the blanket and am about to go block it. ~happy dance~happy dance~

Because it’s for a baby I really want to wash it with wool wash before she gets it. You never know where you’re yarn has been, especially when it’s yarn from a chain store. I completed the booties and added a little checker board of pink and white to the top of them only to realize once they were finished that they were definitely not wear now booties. They looked more like something 2 year old Sophie would wear. So I whipped up a second smaller pair using Christine’s Baby Booties Pattern, alternating pink ridges to match the blanket and hat. I am thrilled to have this set nearly behind me. And if I never see another pastel pink yarn it wouldn’t be a tragedy.

Now I can return to my regular knitting. Well not just yet. This afternoon I’m heading to see the new movie Mamma Mia with the girls. I'll need something to work on in stockinet or garter stitch so I can knit in the dark theater. Probably will finish off those dishcloths or work on the Native Vest which has been on pause for a couple weeks.

In Tour De France news, I’m still waiting for Stage 2 yarn to arrive. I did receive a notice last week that they shipped it. I really am itching to work on some socks so if the yarn doesn’t arrive soon I might have to work on another pair.

The blanket is all pinned out and drying. IT looks amazing! All of the XOXOs really show.

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annieB said...

Oh this blanket is so beautiful! Congratulations!
How was the movie Saturday? and the OG?
sorry I couldn't go :-(