Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can't Win Every Stage

SO here we are, the end of the month and an uncompleted challenge. This is the first time that’s happened. Let’s asses why the Tour de France was not successful.

Stage 1: I will knit a French Design (probably finish Lutea-Lace Tank or create a Clapotise)

The Lutea-Lace Tank is all knit, sewn and is waiting to have the ends woven in and blocking to commence. It’s been sitting for two weeks I think. Something about finishing just doesn’t excite me as much as knitting. (Knaked knits put out a challenge to knit preemie hats asking us each to make just two. Well I couldn’t resist and five hats latter I’m convinced I need to just finish up these skeins before calling it quits.)

Stage 2: I will knit with a French Yarn (I think I’ll be ordering some Bergere de France yarn)

I thought a French sock pattern with French yarn was the way to go. Although the sock yarn was ordered on 6/30 it still has not arrived. I was hopeful it would come and did not cast on with an alternate yarn.

Stage 3: I will knit a pattern designed by a French Citizen –for this I will knit a Jacquard pattern as Joseph Marie Charles Jacquard, a French silk weaver designed this type of stitch pattern and fittingly his birthday is July 7th! Sacre bleu! (OMG) the same day as The Boyfriend! It’s fate!

I did complete a Jacquard dishcloth so I did finish this stage of the Tour.

I guess like the real Tour De France, we can not win every stage but are able to take victories in different pieces of it.

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annieB said...

If I were a real cynical French person, I would say that you did not win because you did not take drugs... ;-)

What's the August challenge?