Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sometimes the music doesn’t stop and that’s ok

Day two of our vacation was funny. We laughed all day. My aunt took me for a ride on their ATV during which we broke multiple laws and I was certain I needed a helmet. Later we drove to Canada where we ate at Boston Pizza. Good food but I had to chuckle that the city of Boston was being packaged into this trendy bar loaded with sports memorabilia. I’d say about twice an hour either Mum, LT or I would break into song, Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, Take A Chance on Me. We really are all stuck on the Abba songs but don’t seem to mind. The only one voicing discent is my uncle who insists on responding to our singing by singing Cold Kentucky Rain by Elvis. It makes us all laugh but does not get the Abba songs out of our heads for long.
I have to admit that there was a distinct drop in knitting time. I worked on the second sock for the waving lace only to find that the waving was more of a straight line and I had to rip back the 19 rows of the first repeat. The pattern requires about 20% of my concentration as I need to remember when I did the YO & K2tog or SSK two rows back at any given moment. That makes it a little tiring.

Last night as we were about to settle down around the campfire for smores, the Two Old Crows arrived (my grandfather’s sisters, but I believe that was his nickname for them). While unexpected they were welcomed and joined us for a few hours. As they regaled us with tales of their adventures, we laughed that you never see one without the other. Both of them are forgetful which adds to the hilarity of their stories as one asks the other questions about details. Sometimes they say they can’t remember and other times they say they were checking to make sure the other could still remember. It’s all very funny. They did check out the sock I was knitting and asked if it was galoot warmer. I demonstrated that it was much too wide for that and we all laughed. They really are crazy old ladies. One of them looks so much like my grandfather, it’s shocking. I don’t remember that from childhood but I’m guessing without all the polish of hair dye, make-up, etc. there is more of a resemblance. I knit until it was dark and then put my socks away.

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Anonymous said...

It really was a fun few days and you were a good sport about not being able to knit as much or as long as you wanted to. I love reading your blog! Your incredibly expressive :-) Mum