Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday's Progress Report

Thursday progress report is coming a bit late today.
I was fed up to my eyebrows with knitting squares so I decided to switch it up and work on the hat and booties. The hat came out awesome!
I’m so pleased with it. Although I would’ve liked more XOXOs around the base it’s still good. For sizes up to 6 months and there’s an O on the top!
As you can see Billy modeled it very nicely.

The booties are a bit slower owing to the fact that I’m kitting bullet proof fabric with smaller needles and more stitches. I’m using size 6s and the pattern from Holiday Knitting. They are a cute white and pink blend but until they are sewn together they really just look like a rectangular cube taken apart.

Today was also a Five Mile Friday. I actually did a little longer than that, I did 5.6 miles. It’s interesting that as I’m walking along about half way in my hips hurt, then that passes and my knees start to ach a little, then at about mile 4 my calves really start to scream and they don’t let up until I get home. Good to note that my energy levels stayed at about normal after the walk. The two weeks previous I was exhausted until I finally broke down and took a nap.

I walked a big loop through a couple miles of canopied roads that had horse farms on the sides. It was around 8am and the temperature was almost perfect, 5 degrees cooler and I’d have been in heaven. Did you know that there are these ugly black flies in the woods? I think they are technically called deer flies but I blamed the horses for their presence. Oh were they annoying!

After that I rushed off to Plaistow to Knit Pickings with the girls. I took the plunge and bought 16 skeins of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. I just love this yarn. I used it to make both of the Better Bucket Hats. Perhaps this is my favorite yarn, at least in my top ten. So I bought enough to make the Longorias Something. It’s a turtleneck vest. I’m so anxious to cast on but I’ve got to finish my booties and baby blanket.

Also while I was there I bought these Ginger Sissors. We will not have a repeat of the events of Sunday.

This morning I knit one more square which means there are four to go. I’m thinking I can whip those out tonight while The Boyfriend is off at his brother’s Pre-Bachelor-Party-Party. I did get invited which pleased me but I don’t think I want to be around any of the guys this weekend. Their brains will all be mush.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness how precious that hat looks and, just gotta know is Biily remain or a cabbage patch kid! Honest to god I can't tell…..

You do such wonderful work.
your AP