Friday, July 4, 2008

Inaugural Five Mile Friday

Today was the firsts in what I hope will be a standing occasion. Today was the inauguration of Five Mile Fridays! My Mum informs me I need structure in my life, and that I’ll quickly grow tired of a “life of leisure”. So I thought, I’ll take some classes, cook dinner two nights a week, walk every day, and on Fridays I will make a point of doing a lot extra. I will walk for 5 miles instead of the standard 30 minutes.
So today Dad and Simon (their dog) headed out for the first 5 miles.

This is a man-made pond in what used to be a gravel pit. We also saw some lovely soccer fields that are built right on top of land fills. I think this is the ultimate in reclaiming the land, in correcting the mistakes of our ancestors, and in healing the planet. Once the area was a dumping site for a tannery. Now it’s a lush field in the middle of the woods near a pond.

Walking 5 miles wasn’t as bad as I expected. It took close to 2 hours and was 14,000 steps according to my pedometer. By the time we finished my hips and the outside of my knees were soar. We ate a delicious Thai lunch but I still didn’t feel “right” until about 3pm. Walking for 2 hours is a big exertion for this sedentary office girl.

This afternoon I finished the Retro Rib Footlets, the first pair of socks from the Favorite Socks Book. Now I’ve cast on the toe for the Wave Lace Socks. Love the way the Jitterbug yarn is semi-solid.

I have some sad news, this afternoon we had our first Brain Slug tragedy. I did all I could to revive MacOban but he it was too late.
And last but not least I cast on the Native Poncho in some Araucania I got during a Webs Expedition. Knitting on size 13s after knitting socks on size 2s is amazing! It should be illegal to knit this chunky and this fast!
Yes I know you're saying, none of this is French. I know I know. I just checked I have 14 active projects on the needles or in line for the felting machine. I can handle multiple projects at once. Really the Tour De France is an attempt to focus on some specific themed projects in addition to what ever is moving me at the moment. Which this moment happens to be the Native Vest! Anyway the new French yarn hasn't arrived yet. I could be working on the Lutea-Lace Tank but you know how it is, I'd rather be doing something new and exciting!
Off to see the local fireworks display tonight. Humans are funny, bright lights + big bangs = fun. I bet we’re the only species on the planet that thinks this way.

Happy Independence Day!

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Anonymous said...

Macobain is too cute!hope the fireworks are delightful.
Love AP