Thursday, July 10, 2008

Go Team Michellows

What is the purpose of this blog? Really it’s an outlet for my knitting babble that would cause The Boyfriend’s eyes to bulge if he were forced to listen to it. This blog has also turned into a record of my life as it overlaps with knitting. Cat shows and designing, shopping sprees and bond fires, yarn ravings and pedicures. I enjoy the creativity the blog offers as well as the freedom of expression. It’s a soap box all my own from which I can paint the world as I see it.

I’ve been painting a lot lately, attempting to distract myself from an unpleasant working environment. You may have noticed my angst in the Dear Abby posting. I try to keep my postings upbeat and pleasant, after all there’s nothing worse than a depressed podcaster dampening your whole day. You don’t read my words to feel sad. You read them to learn what’s going on in my piece of New Hampshire, and laugh (hopefully) at what a silly person I really am. Alright, so get to the point, your acting like a certain Boyfriend I know, taking a leisurely stroll down a tangent or two on our way to the conclusion.

What I’m struggling to put down for you is the recent decision I’ve made to resign my job. The boyfriend and I are in a place financially where I don’t need to work. So why am I forcing myself to do a job I dislike with a person that does not respect me? We’d both rather see me happy than whatever it is that I’ve been.

While I know this is the right decision there is part of me that is concerned about my future. The part that never changed her name after the wedding, because she is her own person not someone else’s. The part that got a degree to be self-sufficient. The part that has always insisted housework be done together, 50-50. I’m a bit nervous but also a bit excited about my new freedom as the Boyfriend and I forge into a new world, one in which we maintain the balance while acknowledging that we both contribute in different ways to this team, Go Team Michellows!

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