Friday, July 11, 2008

Closing in on Stage 1 and Stage 3

Today was the second Five Mile Friday. I woke up early, drank some coffee and was out the door by 6:02am! I did a great big loop through the surrounding neighborhoods. It was a bit brisk for the first thirty minutes. I’m really enjoying Leona Lewis’ music right now. And I did load the Ipod with ABBA in preparation for the movie Mamma Mia. It was a good walk but I’m very tired, the knitting girls kept me up way way too late last night.

Next the electrician came and turns out our dead outlets needed the little ground button the laundry room outlet pushed. Did I feel dumb? You betcha! But hey, live and learn and move on. Next time I’ll flip the circuit breakers and press all the ground buttons in the house.

Now what, well what do you think? Of course I’m knitting. Working on the boys hat. He saw my Expectant Hat and wanted one of his own. I didn’t want to use Noro since their colorways aren’t as dark as he’d like, and the whole non-tussah silk thing. Mostly he wears blue, black, brown, and green. So I’m using some self stripping Jasper yarn in shades of black, along with some chunky MGH Frog Tree Alapaca. It’s wonderfully soft but oh so complicated to work a chart where the black boxes are really the grey yarn and the white boxes are really the black yarn. Several times I’ve had to stop and rip back a row or two. I’m about half way through the chart, enough so that I can read the knitting itself and determine where I am so it should get easier going forward.

Oh and the Lutea-Lace just needs the shoulder seam sewn and it’s done. Well it needs to be blocked too, but then it’s done. And some ends need to be sewn in, but then it's really done! I’m very excited; it fits perfectly and is just what I envisioned. Only thing, I have 4 skeins of yarn left. Loose knitter and all, I think I should always plan to use one size smaller needles to compensate when it’s a garment or something that the gauge really matters on.

The Ivy Leauge Vest is pulling ahead in the polls.
Exactly what polls I’m referring to here I’m not sure but I do feel this sense of hopefulness as I continue to work through the pattern. I need to make it to 13” at which point I begin to do the ribbing at the bottom of the V-Neck. As promised here is a photo of my progress so far. I’ve done about 3” since it was raised from the dead. I must admit. I’m a bit concerned that it’s only a 42” chest measurement. I know the V-Neck will accommodate a larger bust size, but I’m concerned that the mid-section might be a bit snug. All the more reason to keep walking and loose a few pounds.

This morning my soon-to-be sister-in-law gave me the opportunity to work the “Zig Zag Jacquard” Stitch pattern I found for Stage 3 of the Tour De France. She’s given me free rein for colors and shapes so I’m thinking a few squares, a few circles, and flowers using some of the odds and ends of kitchen cotton I have.
(Later) Regenerated from a little nap I’m ready to head to the local Greek Festival. Let me tell you, those little Greek Grandmas really can cook so much better than any restaurant I’ve ever been to. I can’t wait to get my yearly serving of Spanakopita (Greek "σπανάκι + πίτα", spinach + pie)!

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