Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wednesday Progress Report

Here is Wednesday night’s progress report. As you can see I just need one more strip for the blanket to be complete. I feel like I should add a disclaimer for all of the non-knitters. Blankets do not normally knit this fast. This has been a superhuman feat. Something that belongs in a comic book or on the show Heroes.
I am Super Knitting Girl….knitting faster than a speeding bullet.

MacOban felt the need to point out exactly where that 5th strip was missing. He walked over to the pieces displayed on the floor and slid one out of the way to make space for himself and the 5th strip. I always knew I had a smart cat.

I am of course getting rather tired of knitting these little squares after completing 7 yesterday and knowing that there are 5 more in my future for today. Perhaps I’ll do the hat today to break it up.

Last night we had another fun filled evening of knitting. It’s sad to realize that we will not all be here together, knitting and laughing forever. We must enjoy the time we are given.

After the first day of freedom, The Boyfriend informed me that “the best part about you not working is that there isn’t a shower conflict in the morning." I had no idea we had a shower conflict. He just always let me choose. Poor Boyfriend. I like visiting in the mornings instead of running around packing lunch, walking, and getting ready.

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Miss 376 said...

You've made good progress